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One of our leading performance models for short boards ...I have  lowered the nose entry rocker to give the board more drive...it leads into a single center concave with a double inside a single concave thru the fins...  giving the rider that downline drive for  straight up off lips and carving with confidence. The outline is utilizing a fuller nose to a optical tail outline creating a hip for pivot point pocket surfing. Many of our riders choose the SAVAGE for performance surfing when you need the best weapon in your quiver.



A mix of a short board and fish ..How ?  I combined the features of a modern performance short board rocker, tail outline and the fuller fish type nose outline.What you get is a shape that paddles and projects with speed extremely well due to forward fuller out line and lower rocker plus you have the modern rocker configurations of a single concave to spiral vee bottom which enables the rider to experience the best of both shapes there fore you have the MISFIT



High performance all around shape that can be ridden all types of conditions...  Its got a combination of some of my best designs incorporated into the KRAKEN. I've added a slightly thickier forward wide point to increase paddling ability with a deep 25cm single concave leading out to mild 20cm double concave-soft forward rails for that easy rail to rail transitions. This shape can excel in beach breaks and reef type conditions.



Developed on the shores of the North Shore this step up design has gonr thru vast input from some of my most promient pro ridersin heavy water situations. Drawn out sleek outlines with moderate entry rocker ( 12cm center concave to 22cm double concave spiral vee) to knife into critical positioning with that confidence in your equipment.Field tested by some of hawaii's best surfers Micheal & Derek Ho , Kalani Chapman,Flynn Novak & Dustin Barca.



The Regulator model is the most versatile model we have to offer by far. The fuller softer rails and single concave to vee off the tail make this board “fast” & “forgiving” and should be ridden two (2) to three (3) inches shorter and slightly wider than your standard shortboard.