Shaped exclusively with GREEN blanks which are made with 35% recycled shaping wastes from the shaping bay. Interplastics eco system resin is applied on each RECYCLER model we build.The eco system resin combines both renewable and post consumer material . Also we have added a ultra violet ( UV )hardener so we can cure our boards in a UV light box helping in less VOCS ( volatile organic compounds) in the atmosphere. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding which models are available in this application.

No matter the conditions, the name says it all. This board makes it easy to rely on because of it s quick rail to rail transitions and smooth turning for speed and flow.

The UNCLE is a all around shape for any kind of surfer-- the subtle single to double concave vee give the board a well-balanced bottom. The flat deck and progressive rocker make this board great for your typical every day surf session (wherever that might be).


aka "the flying fish" designed with wider nose outline plus lower rocker in nose entry making it performance shortboard with drive to fly right thru the flat sections of slow mushy waves.The bottom rocker runs a single concave to double concave vee between the back fins.


” regulator extra-large“ For the big guy who wants to out paddle the crowd and still rip like a frothing grommet, this (extra) large volume shortboard is for you! This model incorporates all the features our high-performance boards have,flat deck, soft rails, etc, making this board truly designed around heavyweight type surfers.


The aku bird 

was created with small surf in mind shorter,wider with low entry rocker with a moderate single concave bottom have made this design very popular among our stable of team riders. Order this design 5” to 6” shorter than your standard shortboard and add 5/8” to the width. We recommend using a EPS/EPOXY application but the PU version is also adequate.


B4 The bi-product of persistent research and design, the B4 is the end result of vital input from world class surfers Dustin Barca, Danny Fuller, Nathan Fletcher, and Mick Short all four fin advocates. Exuberant highline speed and superior holding power in critical situations are two prime examples of why the B4 should be in your quiver. This four fin model works best when ridden an inch (1) or two (2) shorter than your regular


Derived from the regulator series this model has lowered entry rocker with a mild single concave bottom to double concave starting in front of the back fin. The tail rocker has been increased with more tail flip giving the SAVAGE high speed turning accuracy for ultra high performance surfing. Very popular model with intermediate surfers.

The newly refined outline, rocker, and single concave to vee off the tail on the NITROUS equates to immense speed. A squash or swallow tail compliments this board in smaller surf, but if its overhead and juicy a rounded pin is your tail of choice.


  Model 2                               







Tested for over two decades in the mecca of big wave surf, the THE BLADE is the North Shore version of the step-up gun. The BLADE’S racey outlines are made to handle high speed, the subtle concave and slight spiral vee running off the tail create precision turning accuracy when you need it most, and the fin placement gives you total confidence in any big wave situation .


Take your favorite step-up board and chop 2/3 of the nose off and you get the RALLY model…it incorporates a drawn out rocker with a subtle single concave to vee botom. You get the paddling power of a longer board plus have the drive and holding of a step up design. Riding bigger waves with less length and pushing your surfing to a new level is what the RALLY is designed around. This design likes to be ridden any where from 5’11 to 6’2 with your regular step-up dimensions.


When the swell is getting juicy and your shortboard feels like you need more board the REGULATOR is the next step up. A great board to have in your quiver for traveling and when its pumping at your home break. All the performance ingredients are added : drawn out curves for speed plus a slight single concave to spiral vee between the fins…we suggest going with a round pin or swallow tail. ( tri-fin or quad )


Savage 2




The formula for the tow-in model evolves around serious heavy-water conditions and is not available for online purchase. All orders for tow-in boards must be placed directly with Bret. Towing is not for everyone-- lets keep the water safe for those who can, and keep out for those who can’t. Mahalo!


These performance fish's excel in surf that’s knee high to a few feet overhead. Know why? It starts with a lowered nose rocker and  wide point further up the board. The single concave to a deep vee off the tail gives these shapes plenty of opportunity to drive and accelerate through flat and slow sections.

We recommend riding these models about eight (8) inches shorter than your regular board (and you’ll still be making those slow sections.)


is the most versatile model we have to offer by far. The fuller softer rails and single concave to vee off the tail make this board “fast” & “forgiving” and should be ridden two (2) to three (3) inches shorter and slightly wider than your standard shortboard.


Finally! A board to keep up with who’s on it! A scaled down version of what our elite team riders are on, the GROM is a full performance designed board that enhances traditional power carving with speed and drive for those who still dine off the kids menu and "that’s okay


  Model 1                               


  Model 3                               






Uncle 2

Aku Bird                                                                          

Four Claw                                                                          





The Recycler                  



Regulator Step-Up



These performance ALTERNATIVE shapes excel in surf that’s knee high to a few feet overhead. We recommend riding these models about 4-6 inches shorter than your regular short board. PLEASE feel free to ask any questions regarding these specialty models each board is unique in it’s own design. (five fin option available)


A combination of a longboard refined outline and performance short board rocker give the HYBRID a ingredient for extra fun in all types of surf. Low entry rocker in the nose for fast down the line speed to a single concave leading to flat panel vee for easy turning on any part of the wave. Great for bigger surfer’s and anyone interested in going from a longer board to a shorter performance type shape.




The Blade


Marko Foam                  

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